If I Twittered

I don't Twitter.  I don't Twitter for several reasons; my ineptitude to technology and lack of typing skills on a cell phone being two of those reasons. 

But every now and then I have a thought ... yes, it is true, it happens ... oh, be quiet over there.

Anywho, every now and then I think, "Wow, if only I twittered I could share this with EVERYONE."  And, so I share with everyone, here on my blog, and now there is a whole page dedicated to my Twitter posts.  You can thank me later.  

The Chamber Music Concert


The Back to School Edition

Running Errands ... the one where I spent NO money in Target

Every now and then I'll Text

Weekend Retreat ... NO KIDS!

The Movie Edition

The Snow Storm Edition

The Wedding Edition, a Guest Post

The Painting Project

The Playdate Edition

Indoor Camping

The Vacation, Part 1

The Vacation, Part 2

The Vacation, Part 3

The Harry Potter Edition

The Shopping Edition

Football vs Masterpiece Theatre

The Cruise Edition