Monday, November 22, 2010

If I Twitttered

Friday night we joined thousands of other people in the U.S., we saw Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Part 1. We don't normally see movies in the theater, the cost of ticket prices and the need to find a babysitter being why. However, Friday night we found ourselves in an unusual predicament, there were no children in our house, they all had someplace to be. The boys were at a church lock-in, EM was at a Granddaughter Sleepover at Grandma's.

Normally, we would have gone out to eat, but decided to see the movie instead. Movie tickets were much cheaper then going out to eat.

So, if I Twittered, this is what I would have said during the movie. Well, not during the movie. They asked you not to Twitter, along with not talking, during the movie. Times have changed.

So, if I Twittered, everyone who followed me would have had to wait till the end of the movie for my Tweets. Can you handle the tension?

So, if I Twittered, this is what would have been sent out, after the movie, because I always follow the rules. Well, almost. I'm still cheap to sneak in my own water and popcorn.

(Tuesday) Tickets bought, kids all have a place to be, hoping no one is stricken with the stomach bug.

(Friday) Kids deposited. Parent's night out on the town, woohoo!

A guard is checking bags at the theater entrance. They don't do this at the summer free movies.

Guard made some comment of checking bags because of the Harry Potter crowd???

Standing in line for the movie, excluding us, the oldest people in this line are upper 20's.

Don't see any crazy Harry Potter fans in this crowd.

No longer feeling like the sore thumb. A family, with 4 kids, in line behind us. The youngest is an infant, the oldest is 10, maybe 11. Have the parents read the book?

The price of tickets, for a family of 6 + popcorn (x2) + snacks + soda + nightmares and therapy needed after watching this movie has to be greater then hiring a babysitter for a couple hours so they can see the movie sans children.

Where to sit? Looking at those already seated, trying to determine who is less likely to talk during the movie.

Apparently, we are sheltering our children. They watch Chitty Chitty Bang Bang and Annie, when really we should let them watch Harry Potter, according to the number of children in the crowd.

We are good with sheltering.

Cowboys & Aliens. Sounds like a comedy, preview scenes show a drama/suspense. Check it out. Plus it has Harrison Ford and Daniel Craig.

And with that scene, that is why you don't bring young children!

Too bad they left out that part from the book.

You knew it was coming, but everyone in the theater still jumped when it happened.

Too bad, they left out that part from the book.

And that is why you don't bring young children!

I was right, they ended to movie at this point ....

Ah, I'm not giving it away. Go see it.

Yes, they left out parts of the book from the movie, but they couldn't add it all. This was one of the better done book-to-movie movies.

No one talked during the movie. Still trying to figure out the guard's Harry Potter crowd comment.

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