Tuesday, November 11, 2008

He Did Not Just Say That!

One day the kids and I were talking about bad words, and why they are bad. Keep in mind that our kids are young, and so "stupid" and "butt" are known as the "s" word and the "b" word.

At least I thought my kids were too young to know any other "bad words", until JT piped up.

JT: Why is "fluck" a bad word?

Me: What?
(To Myself: What did he say and why does it sound like a word a second-grader shouldn't know? I should note we were in the car, and JT was in the back seat, making it difficult to hear him.)

JT: "Fluck", so and so yelled it out in class and he got in trouble.

Me: Ohhh
(To Myself: "crap" and shooting a worried look to Hubby)

JT: Then what's his name said it was a bad word and he too has used it.

To Myself: *%&#$#& Who thought public school was a good idea?

JT: So why is it a bad word?

Hubby: Well, what so and so actually said ........ (stopping to look at wife who is hissing at him and shooting daggers from her eyes.)

Me, to Hubby: Shhhhhhh (hissing) he has no idea what the actually word is, why should we correct him!

Me: Well, it sounds like so and so yelled out in class, and yelling out in class isn't a good thing, regardless what he yelled. Right?

JT: Oh

To Myself: How long do we have till the next question, and am I ready with an answer?


Dustybug said...

Oh boy! I don't look forward to dealing with these situations in the future!

Lindsay said...

oooo boy! Yes that is certainly a word a 2nd grader shouldn't know. But I am with you.. I wouldn't correct the pronunciation!

Jolanthe @ No Ordinary Moments said...

No sense in giving him more to think about - I'm with you - don't give him the correct pronunciation. :)