Tuesday, March 15, 2011

The Tale of the Paper Chain

A simple paper chain, put together by my 5-year-old, all by herself ... from cutting to taping.

A simple paper chain quickly becomes a snake:

A snake chasing my 5-year-old

A snake eating her finger

Then a jump rope:

A boa (the fashion accessory type)

A dance party accessory:

Now a friendly snake, named Sumeilia:

EM and Sumeilia are now chasing the train.

It is now used to wrap up big brothers feet ... oh wait, that is big brother being a pest

Sumeilia, the paper chain snake is now resting at the "hospital" from her encounter with the pesky brother

 Sumeilia, EM hopes you get better soon.  She is hoping to write a book with you, 101 Uses for a Paper Chain.  She still has 91 more ideas to come up with.  Oh, make that 90, #11 is "give Mom a blog post idea".

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