I Have a Confession

Face it, we all have confessions; sometimes we share, sometimes we don't.

A funny thing about social media, is that it makes everything we share a little more anonymous, making one feel a little freer to share information about oneself we may not share in person.  The only problem is, once friends and family find out you write a blog it is no longer anonymous.  Which, doesn't matter a whole lot, since I'm still working on my TMI filter.  Which means, if I've written it, there is a good chance I've already shared it in person.

Until I learn to filter, here is a list of my shared confessions:

Confessions of  a Parent

Weather Related

A Morning Person, am I Not

Stalking (we all do it, confess)

I Love Halloween

Decorations of Seasons Past

An Introvert, am I

Child's Play

A Recovery Program

A Lover of Camping, am I Not

Summer Vices

The Opposite of Food Cravings

We Canceled It ... Sorry Dad

The Follow Through Gets Me Every Time

The One Where I Vow My Interest in the Royal Family

Tales of Parenthood

A Speed Demon

A Pack Rat, of Sorts

A Lead Foot