Sunday, September 5, 2010

I Have a Confession

I hate egg plant and bok choy.

When I say hate, I mean stomach-churning-nauseousness-recreations-of-morning-sickness kind of hate.

There I said it, and yes I am feeling nauseous right now.

I love Farmer's Markets. When walking through our local Farmer's Market, I am like a kid in the candy store. Trust me, those sugar peas and asparagus, fresh, just picked, and natural, are almost as good, and sweet, as candy.

This love began 8 years ago, when we joined a CSA.

It is also when my nauseous induced hatred began, for the former mentioned two items.

That first summer, when we joined our first CSA, and while I was learning to love spinach and napa cabbage, I was also pregnant with our second child, and "morning" sickness was in full swing.

While on vacation that summer, with my family, my Mom took some of the bok choy and made a delicious dish. At least, everyone else said it was delicious. The following summer, when not pregnant, I tried the recipe, and just couldn't eat it. The gag reflex was in full flex.

Why I developed a love (pregnancy craving type of love) for some items, and a nauseous inducing hatred for others, is beyond me. You will have to ask my hormones.

During other pregnancies I created cravings for smoothies, sausages, bacon and peaches.

Not all at once.

These are cravings that continue with me. I love a good smoothie. I can't pass up the peaches, when they are at the market. And, though my arteries would love to give up the sausages and bacon, I just can't.

It is interesting how some things linger from one's pregnancy, though I wish these extra pounds could go by the wayside. Maybe I should consider a diet of egg plant and bok choy.

I'm feeling myself turn green, just by writing that sentence.

Do you have any food cravings, or food diversions, which you can't explain?


Anna Banana said...

Baked beans. They have always given me the willies. Most kinds of beans, actually - just the smell of them cooking is even to make my stomach roll. I actually, as an adult, wished I liked them. Other things that LOOK good to me but taste icky include: raw tomatoes, raw cucumbers, and raw green beans. But it's the baked beans that really get me.

Menno Jeweler said...

Chicken's the pregnancy thing too... just can't do it!