Monday, October 13, 2008

What Can I Say About You?

How do you answer that question?

That is what I asked Hubby when I was asked, "what can I say about you?".

This past Sunday, I made a presentation to our church, in front of 350+ people ... but that is another story. Our worship leader asked how she could introduce me.

Hmmm, what can she say about me?

Harried mother of three. Sprouting new gray hairs daily, thanks to their shenanigans. Loving wife, of 12 years, to the same man, and plan on spending a few more with him … hopefully 50 more.

SAH mom for 7 years. And, what did I do before that? Well, lets just say it was in the financial field, and after these past few weeks, watching the financial institutions melt down, I’m soooooo glad not to be there any more. Before that stint, I was a substitute teacher. Another field I’m soooooo glad not to be in anymore. During the past 6 years I worked as an independent consultant for a pregnancy and parenting information website; writing a bit, and researching local resources. I used to work for, until this spring, when I was ceremoniously sacked … well actually not so ceremoniously. It started with a simple email, sent to 50+ of us, informing us of a mandatory phone call ... and the rest was history. And so goes the economy.

Presently, I’m enjoying being just a SAHM. While enjoying being 'just a SAHM' I've managed to volunteer myself out to the kid’s school, church and the non-profit I presented at church.

Ummm, yes. Well that may be too much information. Here is what I suggested:

SAHM mother of three, married to Hubby for 12 years, long-time attender of the church and member of the organization’s start-up committee.

Short and sweat. It doesn't sound like much, but at this stage in my life it is where I am at. And I’m happy with that.

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