Saturday, October 10, 2009

Dueling It Out In The Aisles

This is a repeat, first posted last year, October 1st, and it is still true this year. Hence the repeat. Plus, I'm nursing a rather nasty cold/cough and I do not have much energy, which has lead to the piling up of laundry, dirty floors, and general clutter. Thankfully Hubby is a saint and has taken care of the dishes the past two nights.

Anywho, the mixing of the holidays continues as we near the end of 2009. Have no fear, we may be in the Great Recession, but materialism is alive and well.

Have you recently walked into a Walmart or Target? Halloween and Christmas decorations are fighting over display space.

At the beginning of September they were just unpacking Halloween and fall items in our local Target. By mid-September the aisles of Michael's were filled with evil cackles and harmonious Christmas carols.

SEPTEMBER!?! Could they at least clear away the Back-to-School displays before unpacking Christmas? Maybe, even refrain from unpacking that first wreath until the first of October?

Really it is rather silly of them to pull Christmas out so soon. There is no hurry since most of us probably don't shop for Christmas cards or decorations until AFTER Christmas. Sing with me "I'm dreaming of a 75% off Christmas ...."

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Jolanthe @ No Ordinary Moments said...

Even Costco has succummed - it's sad that you can walk under twinkling lights in one aisle and hear cackling screams on the other side.

Sad, sad, sad.