Thursday, October 8, 2009

If You Send A Mom To Target ...

A Mom goes to Target, after dropping off the kids at school.

When she walks into Target she will see that Starbucks is offering taste tests of their new instant coffee packets.

After trying the coffee she is offered a free tall coffee, though this mom does not like Starbucks coffee she says yes because it is free. This mom's mother always told her never to turn down anything that is free, and this mom listens to her mom.

Shopping in Target, with a free coffee in hand, and no children, this mom has entered her own version of heaven.

And this mom takes her time, browsing the aisles and checking the clearance racks, while sipping her coffee and enjoying the peace and quiet.

Quiet until another Target associate asks if she needs any assistance. This mom says "no thank you" and chuckles to herself. The poor associates are probably wondering why it is taking this mom 10 minutes to walk down the hair care aisle. And if she doesn't need any assistance then what is her problem. No problem, just enjoying the coffee, the quiet, and Target.

As this mom checks the clearance racks her cart fills quickly. A little two quickly considering her original list was only 5 items long, but that doesn't matter because this mom is drinking a free coffee, by herself, in the store.

After checking out, rather quickly because suddenly she notices that time has flown and it is now time for preschool pick-up, she realizes that her 5 item list became a 15 item receipt and several items will need to be returned to the store.

On the next child free day this mom enters Target to return some of the unnecessary items she bought during her free coffee fulled, child free morning.

Upon entering Target this mom will see that Starbucks is still offering their free taste test, and a free tall coffee ....


Anonymous said...


3 for Me! said...

I'm not a coffee drinker, but I'd try a free cup and svaor a morning at Target!! And my cart fills up with clearance items witht he whole family with me... hate to see the cart if I got a chance to go alone:)

That was fun:)

Love, Bria and Lucas said...

I wish someone would send this mom to Target! Loved reading this, so true!

suzannah said...

i'm also a sucker for things on clearance at target. such good deals to be had!

ours doesn't have a starbucks, though, with freebies!