Thursday, September 18, 2008

Public Service Annoucement

This evening Dear Hubby was telling me about his day, "systems crashing ... code disappearing ... making fun of plumbers ..." Huh! How did we go from computer gibberish to plumbers and their low hanging pants?

One of the (few) ladies in their department was wearing low-rise jeans today, um ... making it necessary for everyone to avert their eyes when she bent over. And ladies, you don't have to bend far before low-rise jeans show it all.

Maybe you don't mind if the whole world sees your "natal cleft", but the world does. Please, when you try on jeans do all the important tests before buying. It could save someone from whiplash.


LA said...

Love the Chonda You Tube bit! So true! I witnessed it myself just recently when a mom was leaning into her car getting something and her nurse-scrubs pants slid down to reveal her hot pink thong (and plenty of it I might add)! Ouch - almost fell out of my own car to avoid the show!

julie moore said...

I have family and friends that prepare me ahead of time when they are going to bend over or sit in the floor. "Watch out by crack is going show." My thought is why wear something if you know your crack is going show?
Just asking...