Thursday, December 2, 2010

I Have a Confession

Sunday, I picked up my kids from SS when their teacher said "you are one of the few families that celebrate Advent. I asked the kids who celebrated, and it was only 2 families (out of 5 or 6), plus my own."

Most likely I had a deer in headlights look, and realized that she is not a Facebook friend, so she had not read this post from the night before:

And again, totally caught unprepared. Tomorrow is the first Sunday in Advent. Thankfully, our advent candle display is sitting on the kitchen mantle, left out from last Christmas. Now, if only I can find the family Advent devotional book we used (OK, started, but didn't finish last year.) I'm beginning to see a theme.

We have a hard time following through with any type of Advent celebration. We have a hard time keeping regular family devotions.

Last year was the first time we even tried to celebrate Advent. Every year I would think about it, usually after Advent started.

Last year, I lucked out. While browsing through the books at Ollie's (probably in July) I found A Family Advent: Keeping the Savior in the Season. At $3.99, why not. That got me started. I found the perfect "advent wreath" at Target. It is actually a metal tray with 5 votive holders. During the year it sits on the kitchen mantel, around April I may remember to remove the little pine cones, red berries and Christmas like leaves, just leaving the decorative rocks in the tray.In our house, it is best to make everything as multi-use as possible. An, evergreen wreath, sitting on my table, would look very much out of place, come June. (And very brown.) Much like the snowman sitting on the top of my fridge.

During the year I was afraid of losing the book. It sits on a bookshelf, in our kitchen, with many other activity/craft books. My children kept taking the book, and reminding us of Advent. Then carrying the book around the house. "Thanks for the reminder kid, but we can't do much if we lose it."

This Sunday we pulled down the Advent wreath, pulled out the book. "Oops, we really did not get far last year. Two, of the five, candles had dark wicks. The other three candles were unused.

Hopefully, this year, we will go through the whole book. Light all 5 candles. Then again, knowing us, getting through 3 weeks of Advent would be an accomplishment. Not even saying they need to be consecutive.

Do you have a hard time with following through on traditions, or routines, especially around the holidays?


Jolanthe said...

you should get the Jotham's Journey books ~ so good that even you'll want to know what happens!

Kelly @ In Everything said...

I'm soo there:) I have sooo many ideas and collecting resources but following through in my crazy household is challenging.

And I totally think that it's ok to start and enjoy what you can.