Monday, November 29, 2010

Memo Monday

Now that Holiday shopping has officially begun (according to the marketers that be, though I'm almost done, and if Hubby has his way we will be 1 step closer to almost, officially, done today) here is a memo of warning.

A friends sent this out, after last Christmas, via email, and yes, I have kept it in my "Inbox" the whole time. I do blog after all.

It is a review on a certain toy most girls put on their Christmas wish list. I remember putting this on my Christmas wish list, but since we lived in England; however, the whole polarity of plugs and wattage whatever meant I never received this gift. I guess they didn't sell it in England, in the early '80's. Apparently, after reading her email, my life has been less scarred, than had I actually received one.

After reading this, consider yourself duly warned. If you purchase one anyway, well, it is your money. And, if you have one, and figured out how to correctly work it, leave a comment.


Subject: A General Note for Parents of Girls

I must just vent because this is driving me crazy. . .

To all parents of Girls out there:
Do not--and I mean DO NOT--get an Easy Bake Oven for your daughters!

It is neither Easy, nor does it Bake (burn would be the thing it does). The mixes don't fill up the pans so nothing ever looks like it does on the outside (to MB's [her, then, 6 year-old daughter] dismay). The water dose is so small that you never can get the mix to stick together, let alone roll it out into cookies or pretzels or whatever else.

MB can't do it by herself so I end up helping her with it and being frustrated because it's not doing what the directions say it will do. She can only push it into the oven herself--which admittedly is the only fun part of the whole process.

However when I said today to MB "This mix is silly." she was instantly on the verge of tears (we're at that stage) saying "But Mommy I LIKE my Easy Bake oven! I LIKE to do it!" At which point, I of course, feel bad for spoiling her fun.

MB put it on her birthday list and in my ignorance, I left it on there. This message is to warn all of you out there who have not yet made this mistake--RESIST the List! It is easier to have her learn to bake from a real recipe and make something that actually turns out. The pans are cute but some of those little aluminum patty pans from Good's store with a real brownie mix would do just as well. Or maybe a toaster oven.

So consider this fair warning! And if you can make your Easy Bake oven
work like a dream--come on over here! I obviously am massively inept at

:-) Melissa

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Menno Jeweler said...

Never had an easy bake oven either. My mom just let me help with the real baking and real oven. Better that way!

Interestingly, didn't know you grew up in England?? Would like a blog post on that sometime. Went there on my cross-cultural.