Sunday, December 12, 2010

I Have a Confession

Prince William (of England) and Kate Middleton recently announced their engagement, and I was all over those news stories.

Yes, I will be watching the wedding, come April 29th.

Yes, I watched the funeral of Princess Diana, in 2007. It was on a Saturday morning, yes I got up early, on a Saturday, to watch it.

Yes, I watched the wedding of Prince Andrew and Fergie. 

Yes, I also watched the wedding of Prince Charles and Princess Diana. I didn't have to rise early for that one. We were living in England at the time. Living in the country, it was a little hard to miss the hoopla.

I even have a commemorative mug. And books. A book on the Queen, the Queen Mother, Princess Diana, and the Royal Wedding.

Oh, the publishers of those books really pushed the fairy tale tale. 

The whole fairy tale thing was massively pushed. Don't believe everything you read.

I'll blame my time in England on my slight fascination with the Royal Family. We caught a glimpse of Princess Anne on "walkabout" while we shopped in Swindon. Princess Diana came to our school. Well, she didn't come to our school. Her helicopter landed on our school field, she was attending a ribbon cutting celebration next door. The scene was exactly like you see in pictures, crowds of people, adults and school children, cheering for her and waving Union Jacks and flowers.

Our school was over run by security personnel and journalists. We got a tour of her helicopter.

We have pictures.  Well, my mother has the pictures. 

So yes, I'm slightly obsessed with the British Royal Family. I will want to watch the wedding. I've already made plans with some of my slightly obsessed friends, we will be watching together.  Now, to get DVR so we don't have to rise so early to see the wedding. 

Do you have any slight obsessions?

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Menno Jeweler said...

I'm slightly obsessed with the royal family too. Spent a couple months in England in college, that's all it took. I actually saw Diana and Charles coming out of a show in London, the night before they announced their separation!! She was beautiful, just like in a fairy tale.