Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Make Your Christmas Local

If you are still shopping for Christmas gifts, may I suggest you look locally.  I know, I know, many times when people think "shopping local", "expensive" also comes into the equation.  That is not true, all the time.  Sure, they may not be able to beat Amazon's prices, or Walmart's Rollbacks, but some times they can, and many times the freshness (if we are talking food) and the quality is soooooo much better.

Don't misunderstand me, I've done plenty of Christmas shopping via Amazon, and of course, Target is my best friend.  However, I also love our local stores (what our area lacks in brand name stores, is made up, 10 times over, in local flare).

***Spoiler Alert:  If you are a niece of mine, or a teacher of my kids, or my kids, stop reading.  NOW!

So, here are some ideas for you, and a list of some of my favorite places.   

The Local Toy Store:

And, not necessarily more expensive then the boxstores.  Plus, check their websites, or Facebook page for coupon offers and mailing lists.  Pufferbellies sends out a catalog every year, with several coupons, which I took advantage of.  They also offer a frequent shopper program.  I'm only $100 away from a discount, which means I should earn it in two years, or so. 

Your Neighbor Jeweler:

Trust me, you want to make friends with a jeweler, well yes, the diamond kind would be nice, but I meant the jewelers who work from their home, and make one of a kind creations.

Here I bought initial necklaces for my nieces, and daughter, as well as a few hair accessories from 2 Little Birdies.  That is a link to her Etsy store, so anyone can shop, enjoy!

My other favorite mom jeweler is Artful Accents.  I visit her Etsy store just to browse, and maybe drool a little bit.  I was thinking of stuffing my stocking with this cutie:

I was, but then when I went to drool snatch a picture from her Etsy store, and it was gone.  Plus, Hubby bought me my birthday/Christmas/Valentine' Day/Memorial Day gift yesterday.  I've been spoiled, and I have no more money to spend ... especially after today's car repair bill.    

The Little Stores: 

Head downtown and check out the little stores.

This year, the kid's teachers will be receiving items from the All Things Virginia store,
and our favorite chocolate store.

And, our favorite coffee shop.   The coffee was also roasted locally, by Lucas Roasting Company.   Do you like coffee?  Want to give yourself a treat, purchase fresh roasted (which will probably mean local roasted) coffee beans.  We can't afford it on a regular basis, but I make a point of purchasing some in the fall, when the pumpkin spice is available.  

And, though they are national companies, don't forget your local Pampered Chef, Lia Sophia, Close to My Heart, ... and the list continues, representative.

This books has been sitting in my house, since Friday, still in it's cellophane wrapper.  Since it is one of my Christmas presents (before Hubby spoiled me rotten) I'm trying to wait until Christmas to open it.  

Where have you done your shopping this year?
  Have you found a few little gems in your own hometown?  Please share. 

***In the interest of full disclosure, none of the business' mentioned above compensated me for using their name.  That is not to say I'm not open to such an arrangement.  Just sayin', in the interest of full disclosure.

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Menno Jeweler said...

Love it! Thanks for featuring local artisans/shopkeepers such as myself. That necklace really would look lovely on you. ;-) Maybe someone else in your family hasn't finished their Christmas shopping yet...