Thursday, August 5, 2010

I Have A Confession

***A replay from last summer, but so very true any summer. The only problem, I haven't been able to find these baking chips, since the initial purchase. They were really good. I would LOVE to find them, again.

I ate a whole bag of these:I mean, it is summer vacation. The kids are home, A.L.L. day. My brain is turning to mush. At the end of the day, poor Hubby is getting what is left of my patience, nadda.

So when I (re)discovered these in my baking box ... SALVATION!

They are "Reese's Premier Baking Pieces." They have been languishing in my baking box for awhile. I picked them up at the local crash and dent store for 99 cents. At 99 cents I find myself stocking up on a lot of baking chips. And stocking up, and stocking up, until there is a pile of them languishing in my baking box just waiting for the perfect recipe.

The perfect recipe, or summer vacation, and kids home A.L.L. day.

Hey, I've got two choices, ... and it is never too early for chocolate, especially Reese's.

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