Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Searcher Beware

Spelling has always been one of my weaker skills.

Have you noticed?

Mis-Spellers of the World, Untie!

The invention of the Internet, and search platforms, makes spell checking a lot easier.

When I bother to check. Minor Details.

The other day I was typing "discreet".

However, I first spelled it "discrete".

Off to search, and I discovered there is such a thing as "Discrete Math", and it is not to be confused with the word "discrete".

To double check I plugged in the spelling "discrete", and, well, there were a few dictionary links, and a lot of, um, discrete sites, so to speak.

The World Wide Web makes some things easier, and some other things a little to easy to see.

No, I didn't click on any of those links, but personally, I don't care to see such links show up on my screen.

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