Friday, February 11, 2011

I Have a Confesssion

This was my FB status the day before we left on our cruise: 
On a scale of 1 to 10, 10 being most pitiful, how sad is it that we have one bag packed with just shoes? (Some of them are Brian's.)
All, but 1 friend who also loves shoes, of my friends gave it a 10.

I am a notorious over packer.   And, my notoriety struck again while packing for our cruise.  What to pack, how much to take, outfits for dinner, snorkeling, touring the ruins, ....

What I didn't plan on was spending 1/2 of my time lounging by the pool.  All you need for the pool is a bathing suit.  Yes, I remembered the bathing suit, but when that is the only thing you are doing it is not necessary to have one clean outfit for each day of the cruise. 

Here is a list of what I didn't need to pack.

I could have done without 3 pairs of the ... well, let's just say my shoes took up one of our carry on bags.

One of those pairs were sneakers.  Sneakers!?!  Seriously, I thought I was going to work out.  Good intentions, and all that.

Speaking of working out, the work out clothes should have stayed home.

6 days, 6 pairs of shorts, right?  Not when you are lounging by the pool all day, and the two pairs of shorts you did wear received a cumulative wearing time of 10 hours, total. 

How many shirts did I  pack, and actually wear?  Well, see the above comment on the shorts. 

Something about not having access to a washing machine, or Walmart, or my own closet makes me want to be prepared for all scenarios. 

I also over packed for the kids.  I had to make sure they had EVERYTHING before leaving for grandma and grandpa's.  The thing is, everything was not needed.  They are close to a Walmart, and had access to a washing machine.  Even better, my MIL washed the kids clothes half way through the week, giving me a lot less laundry than I was expecting!  Walmart and washing machines aside, they were at our house every weekday, picking up the kids from the bus stop.  If anything was forgotten, and a few items were, they were quickly acquired.

Is there any hope for my chronic over packing?  Probably not.  Granted, since taking this cruise I now now know better as to what to, and not to, pack.  And, if I haven't learned, I'll just have to pay that pesky airline overweight charge (BTW thank you Jet Blue for being a little lenient with the weight.)

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