Monday, June 29, 2009

I Have A Confession

Unless anyone misreads what I wrote, and your about to read I will begin this posting with a disclaimer:
Yes the sudden death of Michael Jackson is sad. And though I'm not a music fan (meaning I just listen to it, I'm not into the whole whatever it is,) I understand he made a mark on music and deserves his title of King of Pop, or Prince, or whatever it is.

However, when people, and by people I mean regular people who never met the guy, are weeping, and lining the streets in front of his house (don't know, did they do that?) And, use words such as "devastated" to describe THEIR feelings I'm wondering if our society has turned the crazy bend.

And then the insult of all insults happened.

At that time I knew our country had turned the crazy bend. As I settle down for an hour of Grey's Anatomy, the one where Derrick's mom comes to visit, and his mom is played by Tyne Daly. TYNE DALY! And, Meredith sports a high pony tail and scrunchy. ABC preempts it to run a TWO Hour special on Michael Jackson's life. The poor guy has barely been dead for half a day and they are already running television specials.

Of course, ABC's two hour special was only the start of it. Coverage of his death was everywhere. Front page of the newspaper, on NPR all day ... NPR, and we repeated all this "news" on Saturday.

Which brought me to this realization, and the true confession here. Though I don't understand all the bru-ha-ha (really I think the whole wacky turn he took in his life keeps getting in the way of seeing why the world has gone crazy) I am the same way when it comes to the British Royal Family. (Case in point, when I found the the British Royal Family's website I spent a good 15 minutes going through it. And I wonder why it takes me so long to write a post.)

I will watch ANYTHING about the Royal Family. Even the very dry documentaries running on PBS called "The Royal Family at Work."

I watched the wedding of Prince Charles and Lady Di. Granted I lived in England at the time so it was rather hard to miss. I have stamps issued in celebration of their engagement. I even have a tea cup, though none of the now infamous tea towels.

Prince Andrew and Fergie married after we moved back to the States. Still, I awoke early to watch another royal wedding.

I awoke early to watch Di's funeral. (Trust me, the whole waking up early thing is a miracle in and of itself.)

I'm a Royal family stalker. (Said in a figurative sense, do we understand? I don't literally stalk anyone. I'll let you know if a member of MI6 or Scotland Yard comes knocking down on my front door.) So, I can understand how people (as long as your over 28 year of age) can be saddened at the loss of a musical icon.

Just, please give me my Grey's and I'll accept everyone's nutty behavior.

Who do you "stalk"? And again, I stress that "stalk" is used in a figurative sense. As in reading every article you can find on the Internet or distracted for hours by their website and other sites, blogs, and/or tweets about them.

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