Friday, June 26, 2009

How Do I Love Thee

I hate shopping at Walmart. The hatred is felt for a few reasons. First, they have the whole evil corporation thing going for them. Seriously, if they paid their employees a living wage maybe I wouldn't mind giving the "evil corporation" my money. The stores are not inviting, they say to me "get in, get your stuff, get out."

Then there is the quality of their merchandise. The few clothes I've bought at Walmart tend to fall apart fairly quickly. I'll spend a little more if I know the clothes won't fall apart after several washings. And, let's talk selection. I've always amazed that a store can have so much stuff, but absolutely nothing worth purchasing.

Now Target, I heart Target. Their stores say "come on in, browse, shop, spend your money here." And spend I do.

Recently I walked into our local Walmart, and oh my there were remodeling and the store looked good. The aisles were wider. They rearranged aisles, so I no longer feel like I'm walking into a labyrinth. Their home goods department was laid out like a department store. Appliances were displayed on low shelves, instead of being shoved onto shelves.

I hate to say it, because they still have that "evil corporation" thing going against them, but I may just spend some more time browsing the aisle's of Walmart.

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timshel7 said...

I agree with you that Target is nicer than Wal-Mart. Our Wal-Mart is remodeling too. I think they're all trying to look alike so when you go in one anywhere in the country you'll know where everything is. Be careful. It's a slippery slope when you start to enjoy Wal-Mart!!! :)