Monday, March 14, 2011

Memo Monday

Dear Powers That Be,

Really?  Seriously!  Is this whole time change thing, twice a year, worth the sleep deprivation and the stress of helping an infant adjust their sleeping schedule to the time change?    Or, arguing with your 3-year-old that it is not time to wake up, when it switches to Standard Time, or it is time to go to sleep during Daylight Savings Time?

Sure, now that that we have "sprung" ahead an hour, our evenings will be lighter, but now our mornings are darker.  Had we waited a couple weeks, we would have reached this point.

Or, in the fall, when it seems so important for us to change the time so we can wake up to light, then drive home in the dark.  Though, none of that matters because in a couple weeks it will be dark when we wake up, and when we drive home.

Mother Nature doesn't care if we change the time, she makes sure the sun rises and sets when it needs to.  A few years ago my computer didn't care one spring that we changed time early.  It took till the change to Standard Time before its internal clock properly readjusted itself. 

So, my question is, is there a need to change time?  (Sounds like a super power, doesn't it?)  Mother Nature doesn't care, whatever we are trying to accomplish is soon wasted, or achieved, in a couple weeks.


Tired, Stressed, and Really Doesn't Care

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