Friday, March 11, 2011

Employment Wanted:

Desired Environment:  
  • An environment that allows me to use my brain, skills, and earn a paycheck.  I don't necessarily  need to get out of the house.  
  • It does not include spit-up, sippy cups, diapers, whining, or the making of peanut butter and jelly sandwiches.

Desired Hours: 
  • Flexibility is the key.  
  • Look, let me be honest, I'm a mom, with elementary age kids.  This means that I don't know my kid will be sick until 7:30 that morning; and no, I'm not shipping my sick kid to lay on someone else's couch, do you want a puking kid in your car?  They have snow days, and days off school, and sometimes other arrangements can not be made.   And, yes, there is my husband, who could, theoretically stay home with them when they are sick, but since he leaves for work at a most ungodly hour in the morning, we are not playing rock, paper, scissors to see who will stay home.  Plus, he is our main bread winner, he gets dibs on going to work and earning a salary.
  • With today's technology, a lot of work can be completed from home.  I'm not suggesting that, me, working from home would be the norm, but it will happen.  I get the job done.  Just know that my engagement with work does not go up when someone is nagging about me not being in the office. 

Desired Salary:  
  • I'm not asking for much, but with this tiny salary I would like to eek out private school tuition; and if possible a house cleaner (every other week is just fine) and hair coloring, because lets face it, I'm only getting older.

You can contact me with any potential job offers through my blog.

Sincerely yours,
A Girl Can Ask

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