Tuesday, August 17, 2010

If I Twitter: The Vacation, Part 2

The Tweets continue, along with our vacation. And yes, it did get better.

The week at camp:

Swimming, Canoeing, Playing in the Sand, Vacation has begun!!!

Goin' on a frog hunt.

Oatmeal for breakfast, I love their oatmeal.

Forget broken C-Pap and windshield, friends just discovered their kids have lice.

Raining, hard.

Stopped raining, time for a swim.

The lake is cold, but full of people. I'm not one of them.

Walking uphill, both ways.

Just enough exercise to combat the excellent meals here, not enough to lose weight.

Again, I've lost another child. I have 1 too many kids.

This is an excellent place to let the kids run wild, and wild they run. It is a small area, there are kids their age.

All this means I can have actual conversations, with other adults!!!!!

Prayer Cabin time.

Time to go swimming in the lake.

Ice cream in town, spending some family time together.

Kids excited over a water plane taking off.

Glad children enjoy the simple things in life, or worried our children don't get out enough?

Another delicious lunch!

Earwig just pinched my lip!

It must have been sitting in my water bottle straw, and didn't like it when I took a sip.

And again, EEK!

Remember the windshield picture? It now looks like this ...

A new windshield was not budgeted for this vacation.

Campfire, cookout, s'mores, camp songs, and dragon fly watching.

Ladies' Afternoon Out!!!

Clean floors, clean facilities, no frogs hooping into the bathroom stall.

Checking emails. Wifi in the wilderness.

Wish I hadn't checked emails. I'm on vacation, and now totally distracted due to the emails.

EM: I want to go home. I want to see Cordie. Cordie is full of color, this place has no color.

It must be time to go home. EM is complaining and the boys are reading books.

JT watched a mosquito suck his blood, because he wanted to know how they do it.

All in the name of science.


Sad to leave, at the same time, that king size bed at tonight's hotel is calling my name.

Thank you Koinonia, for another great week. We enjoyed it all; even the earwigs, the frogs, and the humidity.

Well, maybe not the humidity, but the heat was better then the temps at home.

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Jolanthe said...

yikes on the windshield!!! :) how's your bed at home feeling? :)