Wednesday, August 18, 2010

If I Twitter: The Vacation, Part 3

So the fun continues. The vacation, itself, was a blast, but traveling, well, it was time to go home:

After the TH incident we are asking all restaurants if they accept Visa.

Yes, that question receives some odd looks. Because, WHO doesn't except visa :::cough:::TH:::cough:::

We are set to cross the boarder; we are fed, pottied, and DVD player is on.

Crisis -- DVD player stopped playing.

Kid's put their heads together and got player playing again.

Peace, once again, reigns in the car.


Michigan, Quebec, New Jersey, Ontario

New York, Georgia, Pennsylvania, North Carolina, Illinois

License plate game.

Which boarder to cross? Which boarder to cross?????

I should clarify, which bridge to cross, at the boarder. There is only one boarder to cross, that we know of.

Niagara Falls it is.

Since we are here we are parking and walking over to see the falls.

HOT and humid, ugh.

Spent 1 hour and $10.75 to see the Falls. Everyone is ready to crash at the hotel.

Dinner at Wegman's Grocery store.

I heart Wegman's. If one moved into the 'burg my life would be complete.

Well, that and a Trader Joe's.

And, a Pottery Barn, then my life would be complete ... and broke.

Homeward Bound!!!

We tell the children to potty before we leave, because we are not stopping once on the road.

They hear: we are not stopping, until an hour on the road.




Another potty break.



This trip is taking WAY to long.



Amy said...

My sister-in-law shops at Wegman's. They apparently have some kind of child care so the mother can shop in peace. She would do her shopping, then go for a cup of coffee (at the coffee shop in Wegman's) then get her boys. I was so jealous!! I had to shop with my boys!! No fair!!

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