Thursday, June 10, 2010

If I Twittered

I don't Twitter. I don't text a lot either, watching me type on my phone is rather comical ... in a painfully slow kind of way.

However, if I did Twitter, my day's Tweets would have been about the boys, and their two friends who were over this afternoon. That totals 4 boys, twice the noise and hyperactivity running through my house. I almost joined the cat, who took refuge in the basement.

The Playdate Edition:

4 boys playing quietly ... hmmm wondering when the shoe will drop.

Still playing well. Shld I interrupt them for a snack? The term "let sleeping dogs lie" comes to mind.

Blood has been drawn, and beds being bounced on. Time to redirect to a snack.

Yeah, refueling feeding them is the thing to do. HA!

Back to semi-peaceful peace. They are now moving between the Wii, playing outside, and playing with Legos.

Yes, one of the friends asked to play outside, instead of playing on the Wii! I'm about to take his temperature.

It is 3 in the afternoon, too early for a beer?

Good afternoon, the kids played hard, and are now passed out in front of the TV.

And, I made it through the afternoon without a beer ... no reason to call protective services.

1 comment:

Veronica said...

LOL, funny! Glad you made it through!