Sunday, December 20, 2009

If I Twitter

The Snow Storm Edition.

I don't Twitter, but if I did the this is what my postings would have said this weekend.

This morning the forecast was for 6 to 8 inches. This afternoon it is now 12 to 18 inches.

Don't go shopping! Anywhere. You have been warned. The register lines in Costco stretch back on either side of the store. Is this holiday madness or snow madness?

Honestly, I realize they are calling for an apocalyptic amount of snow, but does the town need to cancel everything before a single snow flake has fallen

Anyone remember this little mis-forecast made in 2001? (scroll down to "Storm of the Century") I'm still waiting for the first snowflake

4pm, the snow has arrived

The babysitter has arrived. Our party has not been canceled. Wish us luck

Driving home after party. Driving very slowly up a hill ... how do I tell Hubby we are in the MIDDLE of the street

Still snowing, and it is DEEP. Ready for a wild day

Perfect day to catch up on my baking

After 2 hours of shoveling, and getting no where, Hubby made friends with a neighbor and borrowed a snow blower, which took 2 hours to clear the driveway. Yeah Neighbors!

The kids are out in the snow. Very afraid they may disappear in a snow drift.

Picture of the Day:

Guess it would be smart to set my snow gear by the door in case I need to make an emergency snow drift rescue.

It has snowed for 24 hours straight, this is the storm that was

Friends have arrived! We are all rescued from an evening of cabin fever and hyper kids

Good food, good wine, good friends. God bless 4WD

The snow has stopped. The sun is out. I guess the Apocalypse will wait another day.

Off to shovel, and see if we can sled in this stuff.

Picture of the Day:

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