Thursday, August 27, 2009

If I Twittered

The Back to School Edition

I have already covered why I don't Twitter, and here. By now this has become a fun, regular, blog post; anything for ideas.

The kids returned to school this week. P.R.A.I.S.E. the L.O.R.D. No, that was not the Twittered part, though it could have been. Without further ado:

1 Week Before School:
School supplies are bought, packed, and sitting by the door. Is this too early to be ready?

Racing down the stairs in laundry baskets, next they will be swinging from the lights. School needs to begin, NOW.

No "meet the teacher day." Think I'm more disappointed then the kids.

Day Before:
Repacking school supplies. Yes, last week was too early. The kids have been digging through their bags.

Packing lunches. This part of school I hate. Ugh!

First Day of School:
Kids dressed, check. Breakfast, check. 1st Day of School pictures, check. Book bags and supplies, check.

Hip, hip hooray, walking to school.

Hip, hip hooray! Kids dropped off.

I'm feeling a little weepy.

What will I do next year when all 3 are in school?

EM just answered my question, I'll clean.

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