Friday, July 31, 2009

If I Twittered

We have already discussed why I don't twitter. But every now and then I have a thought ... yes, it is true, it happens ... oh, be quiet over there.

Anywho, every now and then I think "wow, if only I twittered I could share this with EVERYONE."

Don't you feel deprived.

Oh, now. Don't feel deprived. I have you covered. I had such a day while packing for our vacation. I'm sure I'll have more from our vacation. And, I'm thankful I don't twitter because if I did I would be up even later trying to finish all of our packing.

Here we go:

Our first vacation as a family, just the 5 of us. Hubby an I are responsible for EVERYTHING. We are the adults.

Packing for 8 days has its benefits ... you pack everything, no deciding what to pack.

Did I say everything? At some point "everything" becomes "excessive."

Walking into the Philly hotel we will look like the Clampeet's coming to town.

What am I forgetting? Packing went way to easy.

Finished laundry, check. Folded clothes, check. Packed said clothes, check. Ahh, bags are now unable to close.

Thank goodness we are not leaving till tomorrow afternoon. Plenty of time to clean the wake of destruction through my house.

Quick, download some audio books for the kids ....

Not so quick. A 4 hour audio book does not fit an 80 minute audio CD.

Cat, check. City Passes, check. Phone #'s and Addresses, check. Luggage, check. Directions, check. Afterbite, check. Children, check.

Afterbite? If something bites you in the city Afterbite isn't going to help.

I'm already loopy, and we haven't even left yet.

I need a vacation before our vacation.

Tune in for the Vacation edition of "If I Twittered."

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