Monday, August 24, 2009

The Fair

County fair week has come and gone in our neck of the woods.

The last time Hubby and I went to a county fair we were dating. How long ago was that? Let's just say, long enough that we can now take our children.

This was the kid's first time at the fair. And they loved it. They rode a few rides, checked out an animal show. We spent a tad too much money. It can't be helped, no matter what you tell yourself. The county fair people know how to draw you in, they give you a false sense of cheapness ... and then whammo."

The kids got in free, we spent $10 on our admission. $20 on ride tickets (3 rides for each child). By that time the "good county fair adrenaline" was pumping through our veins. "Sure you can have ice cream." "Did you see they have funnel cake? I haven't had funnel cake in soooo long."

I picked up a free bag. (You know you are growing old when the highlight of your evening at the fair is a new shopping bag.)

A friend commented on how the fair was fun for her after experiencing it through the eyes of her 3-year-old.

This is Opal. I had to take a picture of Opal. EM's lovey is a rabbit named Opal. I'm thinking this Opal would eat EM's Opal as a county fair snack, stuffing and all.

Speaking of fair snacks. The other highlight of my evening at the fair, funnel cake. Ummmm! And fried Oreos.

The boys each earned a bottle of soda, thanks to a reading challenge this past spring (false sense of cheapness). JT drank his, and then proceeded to chow down on my funnel cake. I don't take kindly to funnel cake snatchers.

ED nursed his soda all evening. He finally finished it Wednesday morning. Yes, my son was walking around Wednesday morning, before 9:00am, drinking a soda.

It's summer. The kids are young. It is county fair week after all.

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