Sunday, January 16, 2011

If I Twittered

I don't, which is good, because if I did Twitter, my shopping trip, on Friday, would have taken twice as long. 

However, if I did Twitter, here is a glimpse to my Friday, where I was spending the day shopping, while on my way to an annual scrapbook weekend. 

Driving.  Well, not driving, yet, but I'm sitting in the car about to drive. 

Shopping.  I'm here, ready to go. 

Let us see how far 2 hours of sleep gets me. 

Size 00.  What is a size 00?  Who wears a size 00?

Thinking, if you are shopping for a size 00, it is time leave the store and head to the nearest hamburger joint.

About to hold an intervention for the BR fitting room attendant.  Chick, there is a reason why you are in the back of the store.

Stand up straight.  Look the customer in the eye.  Speak clearly, and not through your nose.  Ask the customer if they found anything that works.  Can you find them a different size or color. 

About to have a melt down.  Time to regroup, sort, and remember budget limitations.

Did I mention I'm still in BR.  The first store I entered.  2 hours later. 

I tried on E.V.E.R.Y.T.H.I.N.G.

Apparently, every boy in America is a size 12.  And, their mothers have all gone shopping before me.  Size 10, they have that.  Size 14, they have that to.  Size 12, not so much.  

Apparently, every woman in American wears a size 9, and they have all gone shopping for boots before me. 

The shoe store is selling rain boots, AKA Wellingtons.  They have names.  There is Kellie Wellie and Nellie Wellie.

OK, I'm having too much fun with this, moving on.

Score!  I asked about using two different coupons, and they took both!

Time to be done!  Just spent way to much money at the last store (don't tell Hubby).  My frugal capabilities have shut down. 

Done with the day.  It was a good day.  Time to go scrapbook!


Pamela said...

LOL..I've been in that store--or one very similar. :-) Which is why almost all of my shopping is online.

Veronica said...

Wow, that sounds like me when I am shopping. It's amazing I accomplish anything!