Thursday, January 20, 2011

Wanted: A Shopping Friend

My last post was from my If I Twitter series, and it followed my annual Day of Shopping, which kicks off my annual Weekend of Scraping.

Yes, they deserve the capitalization they received, for 2 reasons.  1.  I live in a small town.  Around here there are not many options, at least not a lot of clothes shopping options, where you will not find an article of clothing everyone else, in this small town, is wearing.  2.  I save for this all year.  I have money to spend.  I watch the sales, I gather the gift cards and coupons, and calculate the discounts; but at the same time, I have a chunk of change to spend, without guilt.  3.  I'm a stay at home mom.  It is a big deal to get away, not only for a day, but for a whole weekend, without kids.  I get to sleep in!

Sorry, I digress.  This is not what I'm writing about.  What I'm writing about is a forgotten tweet.

Yes, I know.  That is a fairly big lead in for one, or maybe two, forgotten tweets.  Which I didn't actually tweet, since I don't tweet; however, there are times I go through the day thinking "I wish I did tweet, I would share this ...".

Stay with me here.

Jokes abound about women going to the bathroom in groups.  There are many reasons why we go in groups.  One reason would be the inevitability that the stall you pick will have no toilet paper.  Having a friend near by makes life a little easier.  Another reason would be to do checks.  If you wear a dress or skirt, things get tucked where fabric should not be tucked in, and one does not always notice the breeze such tucking will bring.

Those are just a few reasons.  Aren't you glad you asked.

There are also several reasons why women go shopping together.  Yes, there is the question we all ask "does this make me look fat?".  And, our husbands/boyfriends/significant others appreciate that we get this question out of the way, before bringing  home the clothes.

Also, it is always a good idea to have an extra pair of hands, on hand.  Zippers, ties, hooks, pulling clothes on and off.  It takes a village to go clothes shopping y'all.

On this particular shopping spree I picked up a wrap shirt.  I'm not sure why.  Wrap shirts are not my thing, but I still try them on; guess I'm looking for that perfect wrap shirt, which does look good on me.  A wrap shirt is one which wraps around you, with straps to tie; and if one is not careful, it can quickly become a straight jacket.

And, that is where I found myself on this fateful Friday.  (Though there was a dressing room attendant, we already discussed how much help she would not have been.  See previous post.)

First, when I picked up the shirt, to try on, I wasn't sure how to wrap it around me.  I needed instructions.

Then, when it came to taking it off, forget it.  I was a mess, and was about to find myself tied up in the dressing room of Banana Republic, by my own hands.

Then came the second reminder as to why friends are necessary on a shopping spree.  Think dresses, and zippers, and a pulled arm muscle.

Friends are necessary.  Friends let you vent when you have a bad day.  Friends bring you ice cream when you have a bad day.  Friends help you zip up a dress, figure out if that shirt is not really a shirt, but a dress, and how to wrap a wrap shirt and get you out of it, instead of making a scene which requires emergency personnel to be called.

Let us hear it for friends.   


Menno Jeweler said...

Hilarious! And friends also let you know when you need that perfect piece of jewelry to go with your new outfit! ;-)

Veronica said...

I never go shopping with friends, maybe that's why I always have a pulled arm muscle.


I might need to rethink my shopping strategy.

Hope you have an amazing weekend, scrapping and sleeping in!