Thursday, September 23, 2010


Really, we can't make it through life without friends. Some people may say it doesn't matter who your friends are, as long as they are good friends.

I agree, you should have good friends, but you also need friends in different occupations, and at different points in their parenting walk.

As you read this list, remember you may be one of these friends someone is looking for. And if you are the baking/babysitting friend, then you are prime friendship material. You also have the best skills to grace all your friends, who have graced you with their expertise.

1. You need parents with children the same age as your own. So you know that you are not the only one dealing with these struggles.

2. You need parents with older children; to remind you how good you have it, and to prepare you for what is to come.

3. You need parents with younger children; to remind you how good you have it, and keep you grounded.

4. When your children are in elementary school, make friends with an elementary school teacher, and not your child's teacher. Trust me on this one, my ET friends have received more then one phone call from me, talking me down from the "mother freak out ledge".

5. A friend who is also a school principal is optional, but strongly recommended.

6. When your child is in middle school/high school, make friends with a middle school/high school teacher. Why? See #4.

7. Make friends with an interior designer. Last week I spent a delightful morning with a new friend, I dispensed homework advice (I'm the one with the older child, been there done that) and she helped me to visually rearrange my living room.

8. Have a friend in the medical field. Any medical field will do. Really, you just need a friend who can talk you off the freak out ledge, and direct you towards the proper level of response. (Band Aid, After Hours Doctor Consultation, ER, 911.)

9. A friend who owns a coffee shop. (OK, this one is optional, but from my experience, a delightful perk to life.)

10. A friend who bakes. (Again, optional, but delightful.)

11. A friend who is willing to trade babysitting. Note I said "trade", good friends do not take advantage of friends.

What kind of friendships have you found beneficial.

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Gina said...

I agree with all of these ... and the one about the coffee shop ... love the pun! very clever :O) I'm so glad you're my friend ... I can say I have laughed so hard with you I nearly wet my pants ... miss you! :O)gina