Sunday, September 26, 2010

May I Introduce My Children ...

Here are three scenarios, all true, and all happened in one evening, of how several women "met" my children for the first time.

My living room is full of ladies, for a Bunko Night fundraiser.

Hubby took the kids out for an evening of miniature golf and ice cream. (Giving him the title Dad of the Year.) When they returned, the kids QUIETLY walked inside the front door; they barely made eye contact with anyone. They headed to the kitchen, took off their shoes, and went downstairs for a movie.

Two hours later, the basement door flies open, there is much laughter, screaming, and general sounds of childish joy. I went to tell them off, when I saw why they were having such a good time (and no, it wasn't their way of saying "hi" to the room full of ladies.) They boys had jumped on Hubby's back, while Hubby was was crawling up the stairs. This continued up to the second floor. (Dad of the Year is in the bag!)

They change into their PJ's, and JT sneaks downstairs, climbs into the empty chair next to me, gives me a hug, gives me a kiss, and then sneaks back upstairs. Half-way up the stairs he lets out a rather large, and very fake burp.

And, that is how my children introduced themselves to a room of 9 ladies, most whom have never met them.

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