Sunday, January 24, 2010

If I Twittered: Guest Post

The Wedding Edition

A friend of ours does not Twitter, but he does Facebook.

The other weekend he was attending a wedding, actually he was working the wedding; setting things up, cleaning things up, unlocking and locking doors. This type of gig sort of puts you in the middle of the wedding, hopefully not in the middle of the ceremony, but you soon find yourself directing people, finding people, and wondering where everyone is. The couple was Hispanic, and the majority of the wedding guests and wedding party spoke Spanish; a relevant point, as you will soon read.

Here are the Facebook updates by our friend, his wife, and a few others:

JY: 5:50 first guest arrives. Wedding scheduled to start 6:30-7:00. Still no sign of the bridal party.

JY: 6:00 more guests arrive. Still no bridal party.

JY: (posted @ 6:01pm) Side note: I don't speak spanish.

JY: 6:18 more people showing up. music is playing the guys are here that are doing the meal, but still no bride or groom.

JYS: (friend and wife of person running sound for the wedding. posted @ 6:30pm) the sound man is on his way ....

JY: 7:15 lots of people here. Still nothing happening yet. On the bright side the bridal party and the pastor are all here.

JY: So the girl that I thought was the bride is not the bride. 7:21 and we are under way.

JY: So I had the right groom.

DS: (posted @ 7:56pm. friend and guy running sound @ wedding) I'm trying to keep him straight here. If he'd spend less time paying attention to the Jets/Bungles game ....

DS: (posted @ 7:56pm) BTW- way to go JETS!!!!

JY: (posted @ 8:03pm) One of us needs to stay informed

JY: (posted @ 8:15pm) So we just exchanged vows. Now we are taking pictures in the middle of the wedding.

JY: (posted @ 8:16pm) Now everybody goes up to congratulate the couple. And we still aren't done.

JY: (posted @ 8:18pm) And Now it's over. The wedding that is.

JY: So it's 12:30, and I just got home. After we finished cleaning and resetting the fellowship hall, the mother and 2 brothers of the groom asked for a ride home. This was by far the most interesting wedding that I've ever seen.

RY: (Wife of JY) So he didn't tell the half of it! Thousands must have been spent on the bride's dress and cake but the meal was served in tupperware and was Golden Corral takeout. The pastor forgot the wedding music CD and had to go home (it took a while) ... the groomsman forgot the reception music so he grabbed his car's visor collection - the first choice was removed in 10 seconds as it was inappropriate ... only a few guests arrived even close to "on time" ... Yet, through it all, no one got stressed or upset ... You can learn A LOT from that!

I like RY's statement at the end, "You can learn A LOT from that!" I'm Type A, I run on schedules (though Hubby would say my schedule is usually 5 to 10 minutes late.) Either way, I have a hard time letting go of schedules, routines, and lists; this is a reminder that sometimes life is more fun when we just go with the flow. (Sorry, that was so cliche, can anyone word that better? Maybe something more creative will come to me later, stay tuned.)

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jennibell said...

Really cute post. I love to live through others' experiences. . .esp. fun ones like these!! And yes, it's amazing how some cultures really aren't all that rushed and hurried. . .and they are HAPPY. Thanks for the insight.