Friday, January 22, 2010

Company Girl Coffee

Good morning Company Girls. Come in, sit down and enjoy a hot beverage.

We are enjoying a late start to the day. A pseudo-ice storm has hit our area, and though my older two had a scheduled day off my youngest did not have preschool due to the weather. Meaning that this morning has turned into a lazy one, and that is a good thing.

Soon we will be off to enjoy lunch at a friend's house. Plans we made before the storm hit, her children also have a scheduled day off, however we had to cancel our trip to the children's museum since the museum is also closed due to the pseudo-ice storm.

Well, Christmas has ended and my house was cleaned from top to bottom, trying to rid it of those stray pine needles and the massive dust bunnies that seem to collect during December. However, life continues to be busy and I am ashamed to admit I haven't even looked at the Small Things this week.

Last weekend I was away, enjoying a weekend of scrapbooking, food and friends. This week we enjoyed a full house as the kids hosted friends for several afternoons. I am always amazed how much I can complete when my house is full of children; but still, my to-do list is growing. In two weeks we will host friends for the weekend, which means the basement MUST be cleaned up ... dare I hope maybe even organized. To accomplish that I have a massive pile to be taken to the thrift store.

And maybe, just maybe I can work on finishing the trim in our kitchen.

LOL, yes I am not done painting. Let's see, last spring I painted the kitchen walls but haven't worked on the trim.

Well, this was a rather random posting. Not much has happened around here, but we are busy with everyday life. And, now it is time to get this day moving. Don't forget to head over to Rachel Anne's for more Company Girl Coffee.

Do you have any fun plans for the weekend?


Frugal Friend said...

Hello! Getting away... I hope to do that this year. Skipped it last year and didn't realize how much I missed it.

Our weekends are always weird, hubby works every weekend. But I plan to take the kids out and let them run wild. That would be a treat for all this cabin fever we've had!

Hope you have a great weekend!

Anonymous said...

I love the colors of your blog! It is fabulous looking. This weekend is mostly relaxing as we've been super busy lately. The kids need to finish their pinewood derby cars for the races next weekend.

Melinda said...

unplanned lazy mornings are the best :D

Lea said...

Enjoyed my first visit to your blog. Company Girls are just the BEST!

carikaufm said...

ahhh...mannn...I totally need a scrapping weekend...I am woefully behind, and now we have a digital camera, and I don't have a system yet for printing photos.

It sounds like you did loads this week! Hope you have a great weekend!

secondofwett said...

I love lazy days....they're just so calming!

jennibell said...

Sometimes I think the best gift is a cancellation. . .you plan for and get ready for and then you get a gift of TIME. Don't beat yourself up about the Small Things. . .some weeks the time is there and other weeks we just have to do our best, right? I like that we can always just "jump in". BTW, today was STACKS -- I'm sure you tackled some of those?!?
My weekend plans are NOTHING. I have family visiting from out of town and we were able to keep the calendar blissfully empty. . .:)

Anna said...

I'm glad that the weather could mean a relaxing day for you. I hope that you were able to enjoy your time with your friend.
This weekend our family is just hanging out and relaxing. We went for a bike ride together, I went to the market with friends, we played lots of games and read lots of books.

mholgate said...

Hi Erin! It's been a while since I had coffee with you. There are so many girls joining in, I rarely make it all the way around any more. But it's good to stop by and see how you are doing! :)

Today I'm taking intermittent coffee breaks between household projects. I just stopped to take a lunch break with my kiddos and soon it's back to work on my master bathroom. :)

Enjoy your weekend!

Anonymous said...

The potty success was a loooong time coming. I think we got the potty when she was 1.5yo. Yes, but they do evetually get there. Twins? I can only imagine.

We're hoping to make that dinner and a show tonight at church but because of teething the little one is out of sorts on her "schedule". We'll see.

Norm had to go in to work today (boo!!!) to upgrade the systems when no one else is in, so that cut into our family time, but he gets a comp day....most likely on the day the girls have their checkup so that doesn't really make up for it.

No ice here, but a whole lot of rain and more rain. We definitely need it though...09 was a dry year.

Hope the rest of the weekend fares better.

Anonymous said...

My to do list is constantly being added to. I don't think it ever goes away. Just as long as it doesn't grow without getting shorter in some aspects!
Didn't have much planned this weekend.
Tomorrow we have church and our bi-monthly home group, which I always look forward to. It's great fellowship!
Have a wonderful weekend!

One More Equals Four said...

Wow, an unplanned morning at home...sounds like heaven! Good luck on your to do list. Ours is ever growing, too. It seems to grow about twice as fast as things actually get done!

We are birthdaying this weekend, should be fun!

Have a great one!