Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Cleaning Out The Closet

This past weekend was my Annual Scrapbooking Weekend with friends. I kick off the Annual Scrapbooking Weekend with friends with an Annual Stop at The Outlets on my way to the Annual Scrapbooking Weekend.

And is it "scrapbooking" or "scrap booking?" The former spelling is freaking out my spell check.

I was so excited with my finds, and some good deals to boot, however, I had no space in my dresser for more shirts.

It is one of the carnal rules of organizing, for every one thing you bring into the house, remove one item. So for each child you have, remove ...

OK, so these carnal rules shouldn't be applied to ALL situations.

And, that is what I have done this week. I cleaned out my dresser drawers. I cleaned out my closet. Hubby even participating by clearing out THREE pairs of shoes when he brought home a new pair of steel-toed boots. (And, if you live with a man you know 3 pairs of shoes is pretty much the extent of their shoe collection.)

Now there are several bags and boxes full of clothes, shoes, books, and toys (this cleaning out thing becomes addicting after awhile) and are sitting in my car, or by the door to the garage, or hidden in the basement, all waiting for me to 1.) Remember to put them in my car and 2.) For when I can stop at the thrift store WITHOUT children to drop off these boxes and bags.

Every October/November I find myself employing the same "one item in/one item out" technique in the playroom. Christmas is a coming, and we will need storage, so I "create" some storage by clearing out some old, not too often played with toys.

This is a technique that helps keep clutter at bay in our house, and I hope it works for you.

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