Wednesday, July 21, 2010

If I Twittered

I don't, but if I did, the other evening would have been Tweeted as such:

Kids decided to "camp out" tonight, in JT's room

Any odds given on when this "camp out" will disperse?

All 3 are on the floor. There is a perfectly good mattress next to them, no one wants to take it

Ah, to be young, and think sleeping on the floor is a cool thing

Scratch that last one, I have no desire to return to my childhood

Laughter and talking floating down the stairs. Not enough, yet, to play mean mommy

Must admit, love that they came up with this idea. It is very precious seeing them get along and have fun together

ED came down to tell us he is heading to his own bed, just as Hubby was making a proposition. HA, I told him to wait till the kids were asleep

Sorry, TMI in that last post

Upstairs to check on the kids. ED in his bed. JT in his bed. Can't find EM.

Grabbing the camera, EM is in JT's bed, and they are both asleep.

No picture. They were not asleep. Just pretending when they heard us come up the stairs

9:15, everyone is in their own beds. The Sibling Camp Out lasted all of an hour

EM: Camping out in JT's room was a little fun

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