Friday, July 23, 2010

Family Traditions

Welcome Company Girls,

Would you like something hot or cold to drink? The heat has returned to our neck of the woods, but I'm still drinking the hot coffee.

Parenting, in general, is uncharted territory; everyone's experience is different. However, there are a few common experiences we all understand, are embarrassed by, and laugh at ... like repeating the sayings our parents used on us.

I think all of us have heard at least one of these, growing up, and in turn used it on our children:

If I wanted to yell, I would have. I asked you to go TELL your sibling dinner is ready, not yell from here.

If all your friends jumped off the bridge, would you?

This will hurt me, more then it hurts you.
What does that mean?

Because I said so!

It's not the same thing.
My Mom's favorite argument ending comment, when there was no other explanation to give.

Then, there are the ones you may have invented, just for your family. These are some of my favorites:

I'm just mean that way.

Because I'm Mom.

And, that is why they call me Mom.
My personal favorite to end arguments, even with Hubby, when I have no better argument, other then I'm being irrational. If we can't pull the "mom card" then what is the use?

What are your favorite "parenting" sayings? Are they passed down, through the generations, or new, specifically designed for your family?

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Riggers said...

Oh I love this game! Lol!

I remember sitting on the stairs recieving various "tellings off" from my mother whilst thinking 'I will NEVER say that to MY children'! :-)

Guess what? ....... I do!

My most used is "Because I said so"
but we also use
- "You do the FIRST thing on the calender" (to my eldest, who changes her mind on a whim and has a social diary bigger than HRH The Queen)
- "You don't have to like ot or agree with it, but I make the rules" (To my middle daughter, who queries EVERYTHING!- she's 5!)

and - "GO and ask your Mother!" (My husband's favourite, when he doesn't know the "right" answer to a request! Lol!)

Rachel Anne said...

I love the mom card! I must remember that one.

"Life isn't fair, get used to it." is one we use.

My kids (because they are now too big to spank) mock how I used to always reprimand them with, "now is that a kind thing to say/do?" I ruined all their mean fun.

How about "you'll thank me later?" That's always a good one. :)

Still waiting on some of the thanks coming my way.....

One More Equals Four said...

I tell my children being mean is a sign I am doing something right.

OR, that I went to mean Mommy classes and I won the award for meanest mommy...sometimes I even offer to show them my certificate! :)

The one I hated when growing you supper, do you know there are children starving in Africa...I wanted to offer to send it to them....cause I didn't want it!

stacy said...

Yep, I've said many of those things over the years....even after I said I would never do it.

jennoreilly said...

I just do ridiculous things that throw them for a loop. Don't want to stay in your bed at night, guess you'll have to sleep in the hammock outside with all the spiders and ants. One day this'll totally backfire but for now it works like a charm!!

Jen said...

"If you keep making that face, it is going to stay that way."

What?!? Did I really say THAT? Oh, yes. Funny what comes out of a mommy mouth when all sanity has been lost!

Enjoyed the post!

jennibell said...

Fun post! "Because I said so" was big in my family growing up. I tend to say to the kids "was that appropriate?" and didn't realize how it sounded until my 5-yr-old came up and told me matter-of-factly that they watched a movie at school one afternoon but "don't worry, Mom, it was appropriate". Such a big word for a little guy!!! I will *have* to use "that's why they call me Mom" sometime -- LOVE it!!