Tuesday, July 27, 2010

From Lancaster Co., to Noel Coward, to Rudyard Kipling

This past weekend, the temperature soared past 100 degrees. What did we do? We headed to Pennsylvania for a family reunion, where we spent all of Saturday outside.

Those are water bottles in their hands.

Everyone who lives in a hot climate is wondering, "what are you doing planning a family gathering, outside, in the middle of the summer?" Remember, this is Pennsylvania. A heat wave in PA usually means 90 degrees, rarely does it reach over 100 degrees, and this usually occurs in August, occasionally in July. Never in June, as it has this summer.

This past Saturday, the term "mad dogs and Englishmen out in the mid-day sun" came to mind.

Truth be told, I'm done with this summer. Between you and me, I prefer last winter's snow fall over the unrelenting heat of this summer.

And that is why I'm never moving to a tropical climate. However, I would consider moving north. At this point of the summer, anywhere north of here.

To further explain the insanity (said with love) of Saturday, also understand that I married into a Mennonite farming family. And though many, after the second generation, did not grow up on a farm, there is something in their genetics that makes them hearty, and only beat an eyelash at the thought of sitting outside, in the middle of summer.

And play softball.
Confession time: I don't like softball, I don't like baseball. When Hubby and I were dating, and I attended these reunions I would play. Because, we were dating, and when you are dating you always put your best foot forward. The moment we were married, I opted out of these annual games.

And play lawn games.
Confession time: a team, or two, may, or may not, have thrown a game (no pun intended), just to get out of the sun. It was HOT y'all.

Excuse me everyone, it's been great seeing you, but I'm off to make friends with the neighbors, a couple houses down. They have a pool.

At one point my sister-in-law invited everyone to their hotel, with a pool and A/C. Do you think they would notice a party of 60+ people standing in front of the air vents and taking a dip in their pool, fully clothed.

Across the street was a country store, run by an Amish family.

We visited the store several times. I took advantage of their modern facilities (there is only so many times a girl can go into a port-a-potty in 100 degree heat, I'm just sayin') and their "Cold Room" (a walk-in refrigerator, but saying "refrigerator" would have been too fancy.)

Yes, the fancy folks were heading to the Amish store to use their indoor plumbing facilities and stand in their walk-in, gas run, refrigerator. And, purchase the 79 cent Gatorade and bottled water.

It is only for family will one brave 100 degree heat.

It is only for family, will a person pin a name tag on, then stand in a circle, in the sun, when it is 99 degrees in the shade, at 5:00pm (because the Amish store keeper, across the street, told us) when, really, I want to be standing in the Amish store keeper's cold room.

Then again, with 127 family member (going back 4 generations) we should have started the morning with name tags. By the end of the year we will total 133 family members.

***Edited: The name tag activity was interesting. We were all given a piece of paper with our name, the date to which we entered the family, for Hubby and the kids that would be their birth dates, for me it was our wedding anniversary, and what number we were upon our entrance, I was 72 or 75, Hubby was in the twenty's. EM was 103 or 106. Now I'm wishing I kept the tags, to remember our number. It was interesting to see the 2nd generation spouses, standing next to the 3rd generation children, then their spouses standing next to our children.

Despite the temperatures, and the serious need for a shower, the day was good. People never understand why we smile when we say "I have a family reunion this weekend." It was a nice day, catching up with people, cuddling babies, and lots, and lots of laughter.

Looking forward to seeing everyone next year.

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Menno Jeweler said...

Aha! I figured out who the "Erin" is who commented on my blog today! I saw a familiar person in the family reunion pics. :-)
Thanks for your encouragement on my blog!