Tuesday, July 20, 2010

A Kid's Point of View

Welcome to Tiny Talk Tuesday, where we share the funny things said by the little ones in the house.

One night we went out for ice cream, armed with "Buy One, Get One Free" coupons. One for Hubby, one for me. We ordered separately.

EM: Did we have coupons?

Me: Yes, buy one, get one free.

EM: Well, I've finished mine. Can I now have my free one?
You have to love a girl who works the angles of a deal.

One Saturday morning we dashed, out of the house, to drop the boys off at a robotics class. We were about to park when we hear this.

ED: I don't have on my sneakers.

Needless to say, Hubby and I were a little perturbed, and we let him know it, maybe a little to forcefully. Thankfully we only live 5 minutes away, so Hubby dropped JT and I off at the children's museum, and returned home.

When we entered I signed in JT, and told the museum employee (a fellow mom) that ED was coming, but forgot his shoes, and would be late. There was some laughter, because we've all been there.

However, JT heard this exchanged.

JT: Oh, you yell at ED in the car, but laugh about it with her.

Me: Moms talk differently to you, then we do with other parents.
OK, you need to admire a kid who sticks up to his brother. Just not to me, then it is considered "giving me lip".

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Our Family said...

These are so cute- children just say what's on their little minds- whether we want them to or not. Nice blog- I found you through "Tiny Talk" :)

Terra said...

Don't you just love how observant children are when we are talking to other adults, but aren't observant enough to realize that a sibling is missing their shoes...lol. That's funny.

Veronica said...

Kids telling it like it is!

Mary@notbefore7 said...

Love the coupon comment - that is my kind of thought when it comes to ice cream :)

Happy TTT!

Crystal said...

I love the buy one get one free! That is totally something I could see my own daughter doing!!