Wednesday, March 31, 2010

If I Twittered

I don't Twitter, which makes for a fun blog post every now and then.

I do, however, Facebook; and between that, emails and blogs I already spend too much time on the computer.

Last week I began a long awaited painting project, painting our bedroom. Here is what my Tweets would have looked like, if I Twittered. Also, if I did Twitter I would still be painting due to the time I would have wasted posting the comments.

2 Years Ago:
Samples on the wall

Paint picked. Hubby's pick. It is still growing on me

Just saw a neat painting technique using stripes with the same paint color, different finishes.

1 Year Ago:
Ceiling paint bought. When the ceiling is painted the room can be painted

Do I really paint stripes?

Two Months Ago:
Stripes it is!

I'll paint the ceiling, it can't be that hard ... right

Ready to go, everything is off the walls.

Hubby now says he doesn't like the paint color we picked out. Tough was my response

Where did the week go? Not painting this week

One Week Later:
Where did the week go? Not painting this week

One Month Ago:
After an impromptu interior design session with friends half the items are back on the walls.

Last Week:
Painting the ceiling ... yes, it is actually happening.

Textured ceilings are not as hard to paint as I thought. Slanted ceilings on the other hand.

Ceiling done! With the money saved, by doing it myself, I'm heading to the spa for a massage

This Week:
Flat paint going on

Forget the massage, I need a body scrub to get this paint off of me

Paint chips everywhere, driving me crazy

If it wasn't for children, laundry, homework, making dinner, computer, phone, TV, and a little ADD ... I might complete this a lot sooner

After painting is new curtains, new bedspread, new closet organizers, new furniture, ...

How much did I budget for this painting project?

The upside to painting is the room I'm painting receives a DEEP clean

The downside to painting is the rest of the house receives no cleaning

Flat coat done! Next week stripes, then bathroom, then trim, then the spa!

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