Friday, April 2, 2010

Read It!

One of the signs of spring (other then the lone fly buzzing around my kitchen this afternoon ... grrr...) is the preschool Book It program. The premise of the program is we, the adults, read books to our preschooler, then fill out a paper label with each of the book's titles, our preschooler hands in the labels to his or her teacher, and then receives a coupon for a free Personal Pan Pizza from Pizza Hut.

Which would be wonderful, since the older kids also receive these coupons and I like Pizza Hut Pizza, but the local Pizza Hut is dirty and dingy, and makes my stomach turn just thinking of eating there, blagh.

Sorry, I digressed.

Anywho, the first and second year we participated (with JT) I was on top of those book lists. I filled out the labels every night. When we stayed with Gran and Grandpa I kept lists of the books read, when the kids stayed over at their other grandparents I would interrogate him as to what books they read to him.

When child #2 strolled into preschool we still kept up with the lists, but if a book or two didn't make it to the list, no problem.

Welcome child #3, bless her poor third child heart.

As I type this I'm not sure where the lists are. In truth, the only reason I don't know where the lists are is that my 4-year-old is keeping them organized.

In fact, the only reason she has already handed in several book titles is that she pulled the papers out of her book bag, and kept reminding me to fill out the labels.

I usually forget to pull items out of her book bag. Thank goodness for organized and responsible 4-year-olds who, due to random birth order is child #3, can hold her own; against her brothers and her forgetful mother who is feeling deja vu every spring.

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