Thursday, January 1, 2009

A Look Back

If you blog, take a moment to look back on your 2008 postings. This idea came from Kelli at There Is No Place Like Home. You post the first sentence, and any cool pictures, from the first blog posting of each month. Be sure to visit Kelli's site and view her awesome pictures from each month. And, don't forget to join the fun, I would love to read your blog year in review.

Posted January 2nd on my first blog over at Kaboose:

Musings for the New Year
Welcome to 2008, what will the New Year hold for my family and me?


Snow Day
Once again I have managed to post nothing more then ramblings, and since it is winter it is ramblings about my children being home due to a snow day.


There is no postings in the month of March. At the end of February Kaboose gave me, and 50+ other independent consultants, our pink slips and I spent the month a little shocked, deciding whether or not to continue blogging, and if yes waiting for my contract with Kaboose to run out so I could blog elsewhere without any conflicts of interest.

Back in the blogging world, and now found on Blogspot.

Welcome ... and hope you enjoy the ride
Here I am, writing on my own blog. Yes, I know some of you are saying "and ... so ... we've been blogging for years, where have you been?"


If You See My Brain Please Tell It to Return Home
This morning I was tearing apart the house looking for three votive candle holders lent to me by a lady at our church. (They were somewhere safe and sound. To find out where finish reading the post.)


Where Does It Go?
For the month of June my husband is traveling for two weeks, we are on vacation for one week, leaving one week when the whole family is together and at home, where I need to plan meals. (I go on to explain that it is June 2nd, and I've already spent two-thirds of our food budget for the month.)


Nature or Nurture
Yesterday ED comes into the kitchen wearing his clip-on neck tie, paired with the paper-mache splattered shorts and polo he had worn all day. We were expecting friends for dinner and he wanted to "dress-up" for them.


Home at Last
We arrived home today around 5:30pm, after a week at family camp in Canada.


Today I was canning tomato sauce when my husband asked when I would put the jars in the water as it was warming or wait until it was boiling. (one of those postings where I explain the difference between my engineer Hubby and me, who majored in history in college. Needless to say we talk two different languages.)


Dueling It Out In The Aisles
Have you recently walked into a Walmart or Target? Halloween and Christmas decorations are fighting over display space.

It was my 100th posting. However, the fact that a historic election was only 2 days away there was only one thing I could write about.

100th Posting: What Else Can I Say, But ...
Can you believe it? My 100th posting!


It's All in the Family
So here it is, the list of family blogs.

Happy New Year


Mary@notbefore7 said...

Love some of your titles...

If you see my brain...LOL!

Kelli said...

I'm glad you joined in the fun! Happy New Year!