Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Nature or Nurture

Yesterday ED comes into the kitchen wearing his clip-on neck tie, paired with the paper-mache splattered shorts and polo he had worn all day. We were expecting friends for dinner and he wanted to "dress-up" for them.

When you have children you spend a lot of time pairing their personality with who you think they will be when they grow up. JT enjoys anything electrical and mechanical, he will be an engineer. The funny thing is he already dresses like an engineer, no fashion sense. (My apologies, but as a generalization it is true.) For some reason he likes to dress in one color for the whole outfit. We have red days, top and bottoms are both red and don't necessarily match. Blue, grey, green days, you get the idea.

ED is a preppy dresser, and yes he does pick out his own clothes, hence the desire to wear a neck-tie, even if it doesn't match his shirt. ED is an extrovert. He performs to get a laugh, loves to meet new people and must be with people. What will he be when he grows up, an actor, comedian, sales man, ...? Maybe a superhero? At the moment he is running around the house in a superhero cape. We have no idea with this kid, but it will include people and being in the spotlight.

Based solely upon her current clothes choices Em will be a princess or ballerina. You will know it is us sat the store by the princess outfit she is wearing that day.

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