Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Out With The Old

Yep, that is what our trash looked like on Monday, out with everything ... boxes, wrapping paper, and all those not so adorable Christmas crafts the kids have been working on all month. {{{shhhh, don't tell them}}} Sometime soon, I hope, I'll head to our office to clean out the growing piles of paper and stuff.

The wind is whipping around the house today. We live in a windy area, but this is "fear for your children, small animals, and recycling bins" type of wind. I added the recycling bins part since a number have been spotted blowing around our neighborhood.

As crazy as the wind is it is also symbolic being that today is the last day of the year. Blowing out the old year, clearing the way for 2009.

Ah yes, the end of one more year and the beginning of a new one. What to expect?

In one of the many parenting books I've read, during the past 7 years, the author discussed creating a new year's mission statement and giving that year a title. Much like creating new year's resolutions, but with some purpose and thought. The one time I did this we called it the Year of Growth (with little ones it seemed the perfect name since they were growing and learning new skills, as were we.)

This year? The year of new experiences? The year of taking responsibility? The year of ...?

I'll get back to you on this one. We might even complete the mission statement part of the task, with the kids helping to write it. Regardless of what we call this year, and even whether it gets a name before next December, this I do know. The Lord of Heaven and Earth will be guiding us through this new year. Helping us to learn from our past experiences and preparing us for the new ones heading our way.

Happy New Year!

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