Sunday, December 28, 2008

Christmas Memories

Our Christmas began Tuesday evening, with the opening of presents. One present for each family member. And the contents? Pajamas! The kids were very excited because this signaled that we would be celebrating Christmas the next day. (Notice the little hands pointing at the tree. We arrived home that evening, after seeing a play and eating out for dinner, the kids played for a good 5 to 10 minutes before they noticed what as under the tree.)

Surprise! Yes, that is a pack of construction paper he is unwrapping. Out of the three kids ED was the most excited to unwrap a pack of paper under the tree. The kiddies go through so much craft paper in a year we decided to give it as a Christmas present (along with other crafty items), one pack for each of them. That should keep them supplied for a while. And don't worry, the presents got better.

Yes! A remote controlled monster truck. I told you the presents got better.

Another day, another Christmas. On Christmas Day we headed to Hubby's parents for a day of more presents, more food, talking, games, and lots of laughter. This picture is of their tree, taken by a camera stealing munchkin.

Friday: Another day, another Christmas. This time we headed to to my parent's house. Here we enjoyed more presents, more food, talking, games, even more laughter, and lots of dogs.
Another Christmas, another grandkid picture that wasn't. TJ (my 1-year old niece) cried her way out of it, though we did get a few good shots of her sliding down JT's lap. (No, she did not slide to the floor. She was whisked away when it was obvious she didn't care about no stinkin' pictures.)

Saturday, two more family Christmas' and then home. This Christmas season we made it to all but one family gathering. Thank goodness gas prices have plummeted from the summer's highs, we made two stops Saturday to fill up the car.

It was good to spend time with our families. It required much traveling, but our families are always worth the travels. Plus, the kids did great with all the time we spent in the car.

Today was a quiet day. The kids were able to open and play with many of the presents they received over the weekend. Hubby and I worked on cleaning up the house. It is amazing how cluttered the house becomes when all you do is spend time at other people's houses, come home to drop gifts in a pile and drop ourselves in bed before starting it all over again the next day.

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JanMary said...

Great pics - love that little hand pointing to the presents :)

Happy New Year from Northern Ireland.

pam said...

We get pj's on Christmas Eve as well. The kids love that tradition. Your Christmas looks quite similar to ours - complete with remote control vehicles.

Happy New Year, Pam