Friday, January 2, 2009

Ahhh, Coffee With the Girls

Welcome back Company Girls. It is late, way to late for me to be drinking coffee, but I had to say hi. Our family has spent two glorious weeks of nothing, a bit of traveling and visiting, but otherwise we have stayed home and just enjoyed hanging out.

Which brings me to Rachel Anne's Company Girl Coffee topic for today, favorite moments during Christmas. Every year my favorite moments are hanging out with our families, immediate and extended. We talk, play games, let the kids run wild (thank goodness it warmed up over Christmas and the kids could run their wildness in the wild, and not in the house.) As busy as all our lives are during the year it is nice to have these days when we don't expect anything from each other except spending time together.

I also enjoyed my children and continuing to establish our family traditions. As they grow older it is easier to create, and stick to, these traditions (partly because they remember and won't let me forget their favorite ones.)

When we went to the pottery paint store to paint ornaments Hubby and I were able to paint our own ornaments while the kids painted theirs. In years past we hovered over the kids, providing them with supplies, encouragement, and a strong hand to keep them seated and away from the shelves of (very breakable and expensive) pottery items. I must say, as the kids get older I find myself breathing easier and relaxing more.

For more stories and pictures from our Christmas head over to, Crafts and Cookies ... Check (an example of me relaxing more) and Christmas Memories.

But now Christmas is over and the New Year has come. Made more evident by the fact that most of our Christmas decorations are packed up and Hubby took the tree to the dump this afternoon. Now my question it, how long can I keep up my wreath, the lighted garland outside, and snow related decorations?

Yes, I'm adopting Rachel Anne's resolution "to do one 'extra' thing each day". Today we boxed up those decorations, cleaned up the floor and put everything away. I have my living room back, talk about breathing easier. Though I may be sweeping up pine needles and popcorn for some months to come.

How was your Christmas? I can't wait to hear about it. I bet not many tops Rachel Anne's. I'm still smiling over her news (and each smile sends out a prayer.) If you haven't heard the news then you need to head over there NOW. (It is a two parter and I'm sending you to Part I so don't forget to look for Part II.)

Here is to 2009!

Happy New Year


Kerri said...

Glad to meet you! Sounds like your Christmas was wonderful. I am having a cup of tea right now, after hosting dinner for my next door neighbor. Nothing fancy but it was fun to have her with us tonight. Happy 2009 to you!

Mommahen said...

Yes, Rachel Anne did have some wonderful news! I know what you mean, it brings me joy with every thought.

We still have our tree up, and probably will until Monday. Lights, well since that is hubby's department they may be up until Easter!

Mary@notbefore7 said...

One extra thing a day - I like that!

Glad you had such a nice Christms!

Crazy Lady Cheryl said...

You've got a beautiful blog! I, too, love Rachel Anne's "one extra thing". If we really do that, our homes will definitely be a sanctuary! Happy New Year!

Dani said...

Nice to meet you! Thanks for the coffee. I can't wait to begin to breathe a little easier. My 10 month old loves to grab everything...well, actually he tends to go solely for the heavier more expensive things that are above his head. Ahhh, children :) Glad you had a wonderful Christmas!

Rachel Anne said...

I really like your observation about hanging out and not expecting anything from each other. It doesn't get any better than that...relaxed and fun!! We thoroughly enjoyed our time with the college kids at home...and since they still have a couple of weeks left before school starts, we may get to see more of them again. They only live/go to school an hour away, so it is pretty easy to come and go.

We are still over the moon with our "news." Half: Lord have mercy, and the other half: WOW! I feel great and each day that I'm not sick I am so thankful. Maybe the Lord IS having mercy on me after all!

Thanks so much for the "coffee!" It's great to get back together!

Anonymous said...

I like your ornament tradition. It's great to see how the ornaments get a little more "advanced" each year, huh? Happy new year!

secondofwett said...

We have an ornament tradition too...every year I would getr the kids a new ornament to add to their own collection and the last few years I've been doing it for the grandkids too!...I figure that by the time they all leave my hubby and I will have to start over because their ornaments take up most of the tree!