Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Crafts and Cookies ... Check

I've completed my motherly duty for this Christmas season, I've allowed my kids to decorate cookies and (gasp) make gifts with my stamps.

If you are Type A and/or a crafter you know how hard either activity would be with kids. When I say "with kids" I mean allowing them to do their thing, not directing, dictating, or otherwise controlling the process. Either my kids are getting older (well, duh of course they are getting older) or I've become desensitized to their messes. Hey, it is only flour and icing, it only takes water to clean-up.

Here are our gingerbread cookies. I got the recipe from a cousin. And yes I was Suckered Again since the cookies required chilling, rolling, and cutting. But, and most importantly, the kids had fun and the cookies are yummy. Try them with peppermint icing, left overs from the peppermint cookies, double yummy.

Today we are celebrating our Christmas. Originally I planned to post about our family traditions ... oh maybe next week, or next year. There is always Valentine's Day.

Speaking of Valentine's Day. Yep, despite the economic crisis consumerism is alive and well. Walmart already has Valentine's Day decorations out, and for sale.

Merry Christmas

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