Tuesday, December 23, 2008

All I Want For Christmas

Every year our kid's preschool teacher asks the kids "what would you give someone (less fortunate) for Christmas?" She then places their answers on the blessing tree.

Now my older two are no longer in preschool, but they have had the same teacher. In fact this poor preschool teacher will have 6 straight years with our kids. Now I've been with my kids for 7 years and there are days I want to resign. We are hoping she doesn't feel the same after 6.

ED's answer from last year: I would give a race car set

EM's answer from this year: I would give someone in need a cat

Mom: EM would you like to give them our cat?
(she's going real cheap if anyone is interested)

EM: he, he. Mommy you're funny
Today we decorated a gingerbread house, one of those pre-packaged, everything included, houses.

Yes, I did take pictures but I'm waiting to post them. See, my Mom used to make gingerbread houses. When I say "made" I mean the real thing, from scratch to fully decorated. I'm hoping to find a picture of one over Christmas and then post that, along next to our sad, child decorated, pre-packaged house.

Anywho, I digress. Boys are fun, I think I've said this before. As JT put the finishing touches on his pre-packaged gingerbread boy he turned it to ED

JT: My gingerbread boy is shooting you with red and green lasers from his eyes.

He had placed red and green gumdrops on the face to look like eyes. Only a boy would come up with something like that.

Here is another one from one of my boys.

ED: I want a hug box for Christmas

Mom: You want a what?

ED: A hug box

Mom: (looking confused at Hubby)

Hubby: From that Mastercard commercial.

There is no Tiny Talk Tuesday today over at Not Before 7. Leave it to me to be busy blogging while more important things need done around my house, like feeding and clothing children, wrapping presents, making cookies, moving the kids away from the TV and Wii, you know the important things.

Head over to Mary's anyway for this funny video. A family of 9 (7 kids) uses the 12 Days of Christmas to answer the questions they are asked about their big family.

Merry Christmas

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Mary@notbefore7 said...

OK - the dart shooting gingerbread man is too much!

And the commerical hug box - precious!

Merry Christmas - those were GREAT!