Monday, January 5, 2009

Welcome Back!

From hearing people talk today is the first day back to school/work/normal routines for many of us.

The kids and Hubby had two weeks off, meaning a full house around here. Amazingly we didn't loose our minds, I was able to sleep in, and am happy that everyone is now out of the house.

None of us were sure how we were getting out of bed, out of our pajamas, and to school/work on time. We managed; in fact I was feeling zen like calmness while herding my three through breakfast, into their shoes and into the car.

My annual resolve to save more money ended today. I just had to stop by the discount furniture store this morning. I just had to see if the trundle bed I've been eyeing (for a couple months now) was still on the floor and on sale. Yes and yes.

EM now has a new bed, (possibly her birthday present for this year) yippee. No sleep-overs are planned as of yet. The trundle needs a mattress. I wasn't spending that much money today.

After the little detour trip to the furniture store (twice) it is time to get my day started. Yes, I realize it is 2:15 in the afternoon. I was out this morning and, when at home, have been fiddling here and there but not accomplishing much of anything.

:::sigh::: Considering this is the first day back to our "normal routine" I should just be grateful everyone got to where they needed to be this morning, on time. I did get one load of laundry in the washing machine this morning, and there it still sits. Oh well, there is always tomorrow to get started on Monday's to-do list. Plus they are calling for bad weather so I may have the pleasure of a full house, ... again. :::sigh:::

OK, off I go to be a productive adult.

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