Monday, January 5, 2009

Give Blood ... Now ... Go!

There's prizes to be had in that there blood!

MaNiC MoMMy is hosting a Virtual Blog for Blood Drive. No, we are not virtually giving blood. She is encouraging everyone to visit their nearest blood donation center and give blood, if you are eligible. (I'm not, but that is another story...sorry, it's a rather mundane story.)

Since I can't give blood I'm encouraging everyone, including Hubby (yes Dear, you read it here. Now call the donation center at work and don't forget to have your picture taken), to go out and donate blood.

Why you may ask? Ummm, because you may save a life or two! OK, if the whole selfless, philanthropic thing doesn't get you moving then what about PRIZES!

Yep, Manic Mommy has this covered. What kind of prizes you ask? Head over to her blog for all the details.

What you need to know is: If you donate between now and February 28th have your picture taken while you are giving blood and then email the photo to Manic Mommy. Once again all the nitty gritty details are at her blog.

You are then eligible for some awesome prizes, and one huge awesomest prize ever!

So go, scoot, scat. Off with you. Give blood, encourage your significant other, family members, friends, strangers on the street to give blood. And remember, blood donation centers (at least the ones I used to visit) serve sweets after you donate. Need an excuse to eat a donut, donate blood.

The American Red Cross has a web page called Give Life that allows you to find a blood drive near you. Enter your zip code, at the web page, or call this number, 1-800-GIVELIFE (448-3543). If you live in Canada check with the Canadian Red Cross.

See you at the blood bank!

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